Hesperia First Certified B Corporation in WA Property Industry

Certified B Corporation

Hesperia has become the state’s first developer to achieve B Corp certification, verifying our ongoing commitment to upholding the highest levels of operational, social and environmental performance.

As a Certified B Corp, Hesperia joins a community of leading purpose-driven organisations with independent verification of their ongoing commitment and successful delivery of positive impact in their projects and operations.

Organisations that achieve B Corp certification undergo an independent verification process process, requiring demonstration of a positive impact on employees, community, stakeholders and environment, along with transparent reporting.

Hesperia’s Managing Director Ben Lisle recognises the business has a responsibility to support the state’s people and environment through conscious business practice, environmental sustainability and philanthropy.

“B Corp certification is incredibly important to us as it verifies our positive social and environmental impact. As a business and individuals, we’re motivated by doing what is right and believe it is our responsibility to help deliver real change. This certification identifies that we are making the right steps in contributing to our community, staff, customers, partners and environment through our investment in projects and environmental and philanthropic initiatives that create positive social and environmental impact,” Ben said.

“As a business we have sought to minimise our operational carbon footprint and have offset 100 per cent of our remaining emissions. Similarly, as demonstrated through the support of the Clean Energy Finance Corp for our Roe Highway Logistics Park, we are seeking to ensure that all our projects minimise their impact on the local environment and climate though the retention and enhancement of environmental assets along with the utilisation of efficient building design, low carbon materials and renewable energy. The intent moving forward is to ensure that all projects are carbon neutral. For us, this is the start. We believe this is the way business must behave moving forward and we are excited to continue making a positive difference.”

As WA’s first Certified B Corp in the property sector, Hesperia hopes to encourage others in the property industry to incorporate sustainable development measures in future projects.

You can discover more about what it means to be a Certified B Corporation here.