Acting on Climate Change

Hesperia is committed to addressing the impacts of carbon emissions and climate change, acknowledging that the broader property market is a significant generator of carbon emissions.

We are reducing emissions in our business and projects and offsetting any that remain. Where carbon offsets are required, we ensure that we purchase those that have significant co-benefits, particularly those that are based on reforestation in Australia.

We will maintain formal carbon neutral accreditation for our business operations.

Hesperia starts the planning and design process by assessing the best ecological outcome for a site and responding to that.

Finding ways to achieve the outcomes that assist in shaping the future of our city without sacrificing our desire to make the most of the natural environment within each site is a key objective that we apply across our residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Sustainable resources are those that come from natural, renewable cycles.

We are seeking to have all of our projects operating with renewable energy from on and off site sources. In WA, our energy grid needs support, so we add energy storage and other strategies to transition to a more stable, renewable energy powered grid.

We use the most appropriate water source for irrigation on our sites, rather than relying on precious mains water.

We are developing our construction methods including low carbon concrete mixes, applying recycled materials in an expanding range of uses, and are on a journey to ensure our supply chains are best practice.

Hesperia has adopted a comprehensive sustainability strategy to guide our projects from the earliest planning to final delivery.

Moving forward, we will be seeking accreditation through third party frameworks such as Green Star, EnviroDevelopment, and One Planet Living. Our corporate operations have policies to support diversity, gender equity and Indigenous reconciliation.

Sustainability must be part of the economy and the way we do things.

We are developing business units to pursue renewable energy, construction waste recycling and carbon farming projects with Indigenous groups and intend to continue diversification over time.

Memberships and Affiliations

• Certified B Corporation
• Green Building Council of Australia
• Materials and Embodies Carbon Leader’ Alliance (MECA)
• Bioregional Australia
• Curtin University
• Murdoch University
• Australian Government | Department of Industry, Science, Energy Resources
• Australian Government Initiatives | Climate Active Organisation
• Advancing Net Zero | World Green Building Council | Net Zero Carbon Building Commitment


Key Projects

• Roe Highway Logistics Park: delivering innovation in low carbon materials and renewable energy in an industrial setting.
• Roe Highway Logistics Park: 6-star Green Star
• Rivermark: 6 Leaf EnviroDevelopment
• Rivermark: Gold Waterwise Development
• Murdoch Square: 5-star Green Star
• ABN Office Building: 5-star Green Star