Landsdale North Industrial Park

The efficient delivery of a significant 40 hectare industrial estate – developed, sold and settled in just over two years.

Status Completed 2010
Location Landsdale

industrial estate

116 lots

ranging from 1,100m2 to 1.4ha

Project Background

The Landsdale North project was highly successful with 116 lots developed and sold in just over two years. 

A well-located industrial estate on the corner of Madeley Street and Furniss Road in Landsdale, the site was acquired in 2007 in the early years of the global financial crisis.

A rapid development programme and strategic off-market marketing campaign saw Hesperia deliver outstanding outcomes to investors, even under the challenging investment and operating environment of the GFC.

Project Details

Stages were rapidly developed in parallel, ensuring efficient delivery and strong market interest.

A wide range of lot sizes were developed to cater to a number of national and local owners and tenants. 

In later stages of the development process, concerns emerged regarding the potential for migration of landfill gas discovered on an adjacent inorganic waste site. Intelligent response was needed to minimise project delivery impacts. To counter potential issues, the team completed complex investigations and detailed audits in less than six months, ensuring development could continue without delay.